Verbal language can mask the visual language that we share with horses. Horses are visual and sensory thinkers…they are not verbal animals. Humans, on the other hand, are very verbal and have a natural ability to express ourselves that way. 

For instance, effective interpersonal communication is essential in the workplace, in social situations, and at home. It plays a key role in bringing people together, feeling connected, solving conflicts, and expressing our feelings. 

 If we have strong verbal communication skills, we are more likely to experience success in many areas of our lives. It is so important that we sometimes judge others in our society who don’t have strong verbal skills or who have very overt verbal practises as inferior or are lacking intelligence in some way.

This got me thinking of how this strong verbal aptitude that we possess as humans, actually handicaps our understanding of how horses think and communicate.

For instance, if you know a little bit about those that are affected by specific forms of autism, you will know that they aren't able to use verbal language in the same capacity as most people. They instead, categorize things and events through vision and senses. 

This is extraordinarily similar to horses. Horses are visual thinkers and associative learners!  

If you would like to read more about the topic of how animals see their world, I would highly recommend reading some of the works by Temple Grandin, an autistic, who has written many books on the way animals think. The following TED talk may pique your interest in her advocacy on this topic. It is worth a watch!

If you have been around me long enough, you know how much I talk about shutting down the auditory language with horses and how important this is to the connection with them.  I feel strongly about not verbally talking to your horse as it obstructs the practise of usng our body, for the exact same reasons as was just pointed out. Horses are visual thinkers and associative learners!  

Give it some thought as I would love to hear what your opinion is on this topic.