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Building Confidence With Your Horse

Judy Griffiths of From The Ground Up Horsemanship has taught students worldwide about the secret of space and how this one thing will build confidence for both humans and horses. 

"Leadership is not a position but a way of being"

                                    ~Judy Griffiths~

  • Does your horse push into your space?

  • Does your horse pull away from you?

  • Are you fearful around your horse?

  • Are you out of solutions?

  • Do you want help but not sure where to go?

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What Others Are Saying About This Course

" I was so afraid of my horse running  me over and then I found Judy and her methods regarding the boundaries of space. Thank you so much for rekindling my dream and my need to learn more ~ Jennifer D~

"I now know what I was doing wrong. I wish I knew this a long time ago".   ~Sara B~

"Giving up my dream just wasn't an option. But lately I can't wait to go see my horse again as I can now be the leader that she would like me to be . I would highly recommend this course to anyone".   ~Kristy L ~

About Judy

Judy have been teaching students around the world about their horses, From The Ground Up. Students of all ages and experience have come to her for guidance and knowledge on how to create a trusting partnership that is not only developed using the mind of the horse but using methods that are step by step, just like horses learn. It is through this way of teaching that we are reminded that mirroring a slow but right method for us will also help build the trust of the horse and once that trust is developed, there isn't anything that you can't ask your 

 horse to do that you can do in harmony... no fear, no bad habits, no unconfidence.  


Judy's program is unique because of this slow and steady learning format. "Your horse isn't in a hurry, it is us humans that seem to be.

Learn how to be in the moment with your horse and better yet learn to think and communicate like a horse, not a human because it is only through seeing our world through the eyes of the horse that we start to have the respect that these beautiful animals deserve. 

Judy's Training Priorities
Judy's Teaching Philosophy
  • true partnership starts "From The Ground Up”

  • safety and the confidence of the horse and human is a priority

  • lightness is the conversation between horse and human and should be invisible

  •  a solid foundation on the ground leads to the easier application of techniques of equitation in the saddle

  • teaching horses by using the lightest of pressure to activate a reaction and then a quick release to provide comfort

  • the importance of getting to the horse’s mind first and then to his feet

  • I use the natural ways of equine herd dynamics, to understand how to think as they do



  •  will always be a student


  • I teach  the human to teach their own horse

  • I am a teacher, not just an instructor

  • I am always aware of the safety and confidence of the client and the horse

  • I believe in an educated client

  • I teach the person, as I understand that each person learns differently

  • I also teach the foundation principles of riding with your seat and core firstly with emphasis on straightness and balance.

  • I respect that you have chosen me to support your learning

Continue To Live Your Dream!