Sunday, March 25, 2018       1pm-4pm

International Mountain Trail  


 IMTCA was brought to Ontario by Anita Durant who with her family owns Oak Springs Farm in Pontypool Ontario.

Anita manages IMTCA Canada and organizes and runs Moutain Trail Grass Roots Schooling Challenges on her certified IMTCA Mountain Trail Park. If you know Anita you know that she is passionate about Mountain Trail and is also an IMTCA certified judge.


We are excited to announce that we will also be constructing a Mountain Trail Park here at Dream Feather Horsemanship Centre with 

phase 1 of construction to begin May 2018 to be ready for use by mid-June 2018.


If you have been to Dream Feather Horsemanship Centre you will be familiar with our wonderful and natural setting. With plenty of room for trailers to turn around and park and with our natural gallery for people to watch and observe, it is a perfect setting for Mountain Trail.


Join us for an information meeting on the equine sport of International Moutain Trail which is as fun and exciting to watch as it is to participate. Join us to discover what Dream Feather Horsemanship Centre will have to offer those who are interested in taking their trail riding to another level or may be interested in getting involved.


Donation: $10.00 (to cover the cost of refreshments, handouts)

Please RSVP