Private or Semi-Private (available for single in-person lessons only)


Private In-Person Lessons 

Private Lessons are a great way to focus on your specific questions and challenges or to start your horsemanship journey. Private Lessons are typically 1 hour in length

  •   $100 per hour

  •   $280 for a Package of 3 hour lessons

  •   $550 for a Package of 6 hour lessons

* Prices do not include HST 

* Mileage is charged at $.30 per km return, after the first 20km


Private Video Lessons- $60 per hour 


Video lessons are an excellent way for you to get feedback on "how you are doing". It enables you to have a permanent record of particular aspects of your horsemanship as the feedback video includes voice-over coaching, slow motion, pausing for further clarification as well as the use of a diagrammatic tool that furthers explains by drawing right on the video, what you should practice.

  •  $60 per hour 

* Prices do not include HST 


Packages for Remote Students: note Remote Video Lessons include extra videos uploaded to you to explain   techniques and are designed for students who are unable to take private in-person lessons

  • Package #1: three video lessons - $160

  • Package #2: six video lessons - $340

* Prices do not include HST