You should be proud of yourself for taking a step towards understanding your horse better.

In this segment, I want you to know where I have come from and how important it is to "listen to your horse" If you do, I promise you will understand things from his point of view and you will be on your way to solving all problems you may be having.

Your horse wants you to help him feel safe and to develop a level of trust in you through that leadership. So, I would like to introduce you to 

"The Boundary of Space"

I have also included a video for you to see how I teach this important lesson so that you can try it with your horse. 

...and now your free lesson


I hope you enjoyed the video and learned something that you can use and teach your horse the very next time out. If you can practice it with a smile on your face and confidence in your body, your horse will see that a whole new leader has shown up...and one that your horse can trust even more than he does now.


Start today, to have a different conversation with your horse...and have fun. Remember, your horse will tell you how you are doing.


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