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The SOLOshot Camera

"A High Tech Option For Feedback on Your Progress"

Coming Spring 2018

Starting in the spring of 2018, I will be offering the option of using the SOLOShot camera to help you with your lesson self-evaluation and feedback.


Why Video Tape?

Many students wish that they could videotape their lesson so that they can study themselves and their horse on their own time. By using the SOLOshot in a lesson format, students are able to chronicle their lessons or sessions and then review and play them back while in front of their own computer. Of course, there is nothing that will replace the kind of feedback that your horse will give you but in between sessions you will be able to watch yourself and the kind of response that your horse elicits. 


How Does It Work?

Students will wear the GPS tracking TAG on their arm and the camera does the rest. Continual videoing with automatic panning and zooming will follow your every move, without the use of a camera operator. You will need to have your own micro-memory card with you, which will then allow you to upload your lesson to your own hard drive and start your own lesson folder. 


How Much Will It Cost?

A $20 surcharge will be added to the cost of your lesson if you are wanting to tape your session. Please note: This is an option for students and is never compulsory. If you would like the camera set up for your lesson, please prebook it with your lesson time.



Check out the videos below to see the application of the camera.