The "Way"


I believe there is no “way”. There are principles of course but there is no ”way”.

A few years ago, I taught a clinic that I called “Redefining Your Phase 1 of Understanding”. It was a clinic that I was passionate to write and to teach because it was another “way’ of looking at the same principles. A different “way” that I had noticed when I had used this understanding with my own horse it produced huge changes in the conversation we were having and in my own awareness of what I was doing.

I remember that participants that weekend were awesome, as I saw them hesitate, struggle and then come out the other side with a whole new “way” of looking at their horse and the effects they were having on them.

The “way” that weekend was absolutely founded in the Parelli principles that I had spent so many years studying but I changed it... broke it down some more, analyzed the principle from the horse’s point of view and it made a huge difference to creating the art of invisible communication. 

This “way” had enough differences to make the old things new again. A refreshing “way” to take an imaginative and elegant look at conversations with your horse….and the horses that weekend... well, they responded with new feel and a new level partnership.

The moment we believe in “the only way” we place ourselves in a box with no windows. We shut down curiosity, experimentation, searching. 

If we only believe in the “way” we will have a lifetime that we need to defend the “way” and this becomes counterproductive to search for enlightenment.

Free yourself from that box, stay curious, stay open and definitely stand by some principles but don’t allow others to put you in the box by persuading you that they have the only “way” because a slight difference in the way you look at things just might be what your horse needs from you and the key to a whole new level of connection. ~JG~